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Mobile / For AndroidMaps for iGo 2017.Q3 HERE USA & Canada (America, Canada)

Maps for iGo 2017.Q3 HERE USA & Canada (America, Canada)
Maps for iGo 2017.Q3 HERE USA & Canada (America, Canada) | 4.54 GB

iGO8 / Primo / MyWay / Amigo (Android, WinCE, WM)

Coverage Area: America, Canada
iGO Here (NavTeq) America, Canada 2017.Q3 (.fbl, .fda, fds, .fjw, .fpa, .fsp, .ftr, .hnr, .poi, .3dl, .3dc, .ph, .dem)

Release date: 27/09/2017
Version: 2017.Q3
Developer: HERE
Language: Multilingual (Russian is present)
Tablet: Not required
Type of file being distributed: Maps

Assigning Files
content / building
* .3dl - display of building models (optional)
* .3dc - display of the models of attractions (optional)
content / map
* .fbl - the cards themselves (required)
* .fpa - house numbers (optional, but with them is better)
* .fda - warnings about dangerous sections on the road (optional)
* .fds - (New!) warnings of dangerous turns and winding roads (optional)
* .fjw - vector version of the "crossroads overview" (optional)
* .fsp - traffic jams (optional)
* .ftr - information for trucks (optional)
* .hnr - for quick calculation of the route between countries (optional)
content / poi
* .poi - places of interest: refueling, parking, ATMs, hospitals, etc. (optional)
content / phoneme
* .ph - phonemes for TTS - competent pronouncing of street names (optional)
content / speedcam
* .spc - a new format of files containing information about the position of the control cameras (optional, in the distribution are absent)

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